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3 ways to find out a child through creativity

Sometimes it is not easy for adults to understand what is happening in the head of the child. But the answers always lie on the surface – just watch your children during the game or creativity. We offer three important psychological tests, with the help of which you can easily determine the main features of the personality of a child aged 7-14 years.

1. My family

Family relations significantly affect the formation of the personality of each person. Want to know what your child thinks about relationships with you? Give him an album sheet, colored pencils and ask to draw your family. When the drawing is ready, note the following points for yourself:

  • Is everything assembled? If the child did not include one of the family members in the drawing, then he did not just “forget”, but “displaces” this person due to the negative opinion about him.
  • Image size. The more painted character, the more significant he is for a child.
  • Someone is extra. The presence of such characters suggests that the child lacks communication and understanding in the family and he is looking for it outside her.
  • The distance between the heroes. The distance indicates a psychological detachment between a child and one of the family members.

2. Color designer

This test will help to recognize in the child the features of introvert or extrovert. Give him a designer and offer to assemble a house. Do not specify how it should turn out: the complete freedom of creativity is important.

  • If during construction the child folded cubes, combining them among themselves in color, or created each part of the house in a separate color, then in front of you is most likely an introvert. The child draws attention not to the form, but to its content, he delves into the essence.
  • If the details are connected in a chaotic manner, then this is probably a person with an open and sociable character, addressed in his experiences and interests in the objects of the outside world.

An unusual, but very useful practice will be a trip with a child to the Lego® certified chain store, where the Pick-A-Brick wall is located. These are special stands with containers full of various details from the sets of designers: plates of all sizes, wheels, leaves and other elements from various spheres of life. Thanks to this, you can observe what color he will choose the details, what he plans to build and what he will give more preference.

3. Self-esteem

Using this approach, you can find out what kind of self -esteem has. It is necessary to cut a ladder from cardboard and put it on the table. Then you need to explain that the most talented guys are put on the upper step, on the lower step – the most mediocre. The middle step is neutral. The higher the level, the better the opinion.

And then ask: “What step will you put yourself on the step?”Is considered the norm if children 7-14 years old put themselves on the step of the” most talented “. The situation on any of the lower steps speaks of a negative attitude towards oneself, uncertainty in their own.

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