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Select a vacation spot and find out everything about yourself

If you needed to choose a place to relax where you would go: to the beach or to the mountains?

If you have chosen the beach, then you are in most. Not surprising, you say: autumn begins, and everyone dreams of extending the summer for a couple of weeks. However, your choice depends not only on the weather outside the window. Introverts and extroverts prefer different areas for traveling on vacation, and some of us first choose the landscape when they decide to

move somewhere to live.

It is obvious that extroverts prefer the situation to be worse, while introverts are looking for quiet and calm places. Extroverts experience a great need for “recognition” – to communicate with other people – and “demonstrations” – they like to attract attention and surprise others. Introverts are much less need for such.

However, how people adapt to different companies, including work colleagues, have been studied in detail by scientists. Introverts work better in silence, away from the places where meetings are held, where there are fewer external irritants. Extroverts are completely happy in buzzing cafes and noisy offices.
Another question is how we perceive the nature surrounding us. As a result of a series of experiments, scientists came to the conclusion that extroverts prefer wide and open spaces, including beaches, while introverts are drawn into the forest and mountains.
This is probably because the wooded and mountainous terrain leaves less opportunity for “demonstration” and “recognition”. Mountains and forests are a great place to solitude and reflection, and the beaches are much more with all kinds of parties.
According to scientists, staying in the mountains does not necessarily make introverts happier than extroverts, especially since introverts are in principle less happy. But, being in the forest or mountains, they feel much better.

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